WWT Welney has a variety of hides looking across the stunning Ouse Washes.


The main observatory consists of a centrally-heated main area and two wing hides. These areas can be used to view our winter wild swan feeds with accompanying commentary. Within the centrally-heated section we have a hearing loop and this group of hides are suitable for disabled access.

A short distance from the main observatory we have the reedbed hide, which is also fully accessible and looks out over the southern end of the washes, the dragonfly ponds and reed bed area.

In the opposite direction, the centre has two fully accessible hides with ramps and lower access windows - these are the Nelson-Lyle (previously the Buxton hide) and Lyle hides, which overlook the mid-section of the washes at WWT Welney.

About 10-15 minutes walk from the main observatory we have our final two hides. These overlook the northern end of the reserve and are ideal for watching waders in the summer. Our Allport hide is not accessible to all but the Friends hide situated at the end of the footpath is.

In between our main hides, several two person hides can be found as well (most of which have an ascending set of steps).