Access from A10/Ten Mile Bank and Welney village A1101. Hides are open, latest conditions and access here Find out more.

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Wetlands provide areas for wildlife to exist, many species are specifically adapted to this type of habitat. But they also have huge benefits for people and their health.

Here are ten ways you can enjoy the health benefits of the wetlands at Welney.

In summer

  • Give yourself a vitamin boost by taking a stroll in the sun along the summer walk
  • Lower your heart rate by relaxing and enjoying the tranquility of the dragonfly ponds
  • Exercise the mind at the pond-dipping stations by exploring what lives beneath the surface of the water
  • Soothe the soul by listening to the melodies of the warblers as they sing to one another
  • Let the stresses of daily life evapourate into the panoramic Fen sky
  • Enrich the senses as wetland flowers come in to bloom.

In winter

  • Lift your spirits in our heated observatory, as you watch graceful swans glide down onto the main lagoon at dusk
  • Nourish yourself with a warming meal and brew in the cafe
  • Make the most of your day by watching the swans flying out at dawn
  • Improve your mood by watching the change of autumnal colours on the willows and reeds.

You can enjoy these experiences in a wheelchair-friendly, safe environment at WWT Welney.