WWT Caerlaverock

The Caerlaverock area is home to breeding ospreys that have arrived every summer since 2006. They've successfully reared 12 chicks to fledge to date.

2017 season

The first sighting of ospreys on the nest this spring was on Monday 3rd April. Male yellow 08 and an unringed mate, a pair that we have not seen since 2015 when they failed to breed. They started to add sticks to the nest and 08 was bringing back fish for his mate and we observed mating attempts on the nest. All was going well until Sunday 9th April when we saw a lot of action at middday around the nest with other birds seen flying nearby and 08 and his mate looked very unsettled. At 3.45pm that afternoon another pair were on the nest. The female white TR and her unringed mate, the pair that successfully raised two chicks from this nest last year were back and had taken over their nest. Throughout the next week they settled in and looked to have established their nest site for the season. Hopefully 08 and his mate will find another nest in the area, there are a few to choose from so we may see them again at some point.

White TR was ringed as one of a brood of three in the vicinity of Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire in 2008. She's nine years old now and last year was the first sighting of her since she was ringed as a chick. The two youngsters that she fledged last year, Peter (blue PW9) and Jill (blue PW0) were fitted with satellite tags. The tag on Jill failed after only a few weeks and Peter’s tracked his southern migration via the Isle of Man, across Wales, SW England, down the west coast of France, through Spain until we lost contact with him on the south coast. Hopefully both are still OK and spending their first summer in Africa. We may see them in future and will be able to identify them by their unique leg rings.

The Caerlaverock Osprey Project is a joint project between Forestry Commission Scotland and WWT

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