Join us on the 27th and 28th of April for birding and optics sessions! Ask the expert from Viking your questions and go on a walk with a warden learning about our reserve and its inhabitants.

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Each season brings its star species and spectacles to Caerlaverock Wetland Centre

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Osprey and warblers arrive from the south, hedgerows are busy as nest-building begins, the first wildflowers come into bloom and natterjack toads reveal the origins of their name as they begin making noisy calls to attract mates.

Star species: osprey, sedge warbler, swallow, brown hare, natterjack toad

Discover the importance of Lady's Smock (or Cuckoo flower), to the orange tipped butterfly; a stunning insect abundant across the reserve in April and May - the first butterfly of spring!

Caerlaverock has a good population of brown hares, with regular sightings of them lolloping around the centre, running across fields or taking a nap in the middle of a path!

Warblers from Sub-Saharan Africa begin to return in April, completing their 3-4,000 mile trip at Caerlaverock. They are rewarded with our insect-rich meadows and ponds.

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