Wild swans at Caerlaverock

In October wild whooper swans return to Caerlaverock after spending the summer in Iceland.

Some pairs will have had cygnets over the summer and will travel as a family, bringing as many as 6 young cygnets on their first 800 mile journey from Iceland to Scotland.

Watch their antics at the daily wild swan feeds. Up to 200 wild whooper swans can be seen being fed by the wardens, who give live commentaries during the feeds, point out different characters and tell interesting information about them! Experience the amazing sights and sounds of whooping swans, as well as the other wildfowl that visit the feed. This includes mute swans, greylag geese and ducks in their colourful plumage, such as wigeon, teal, mallard, shoveler and tufted ducks. Watch them ducking and diving right outside the window!

Enjoy watching the birds from the comfort of the warm hide and get the chance to ask questions.

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