Spotter guides

Enjoy using these spotter guides when you're out and about in nature!

Wildlife spotting is a fantastic activity to do - whether you're teaching yourself a new skill as a hobby or introducing children to nature, learning the names of the wildlife you can see can be incredibly exciting, as well as create an interest in something that may develop into a passion!

These spotter guides are the perfect companion to help you ID a variety of birds, bugs and fungi that can be seen throughout the seasons in our wetlands and woodlands!

We now have two versions of most of our guides available; an adult and older child guide and a younger child's guide. The adult and older child's guide has useful descriptions to help when IDing a variety of birds, insects or fungi, while the guide for younger children has simple images with tick boxes to raise their interest but not overwhelm them with text.

Wetland guide

Featuring a range of waders, ducks and geese seen from various lakes and ponds around our reserve. With favourites such as grey heron, avocet and tufted duck.

Spotters wetland guide image for web LR.jpg

Woodland guide

Includes a good variety of popular woodland birds that can be seen throughout our reserve. Birds such as bullfinch, robin, long-tailed tit and more can be seen from places such as Hawthorn Wood hide and The Lookout.

Spotters hide guide image for web LR.jpg

Fungi guide (seasonal)

Fungi is becoming increasingly popular to try and spot during autumn and winter, but IDing it can be tricky. These guides include candlesnuff, shaggy inkcap, false saffron milk cap and more, with tips on where to find them dotted around our reserve.

Spotters fungi guide image for web LR.jpg

Garden bug guide (seasonal)

Bug hunting is a great activity to do during the summer months when bug life is at its best. With favourites such as butterflies, dragonflies and grasshoppers, this guide gives a description of each insect and the sort of habitat they prefer.

Garden bug hunt guide for web LR.jpg

We hope you enjoy using these guides to help you connect even more with the natural world. If you do use these guides to enhance your visit, we'd love to hear about it - feel free to tag us on social media @wwtwashington. Happy spotting!

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