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Artist Ben Green features in the gallery this January and February

Posted on 21 Dec 2020

Ben's work is on display until the end of February.

Ben in his own words:

I've been fascinated by birds since I can remember. My desire to seek them out and study them has taken me far afield - the tundra of the Scandinavian Arctic circle, the deserts of Morocco and the rainforests of New Guinea, not to mention most of the British Isles, but the wide skies of the fens has been a constant backdrop for most of my life.

Taking inspiration from the Nineteenth Century Impressionists, as well as modern wildlife artists, I seek to capture the beauty and movement of birds in the environment, recording the natural compositions in watercolours and oils.

The washes offer tremendous scope for picture making - with flocks of wildfowl creating patterns as they gather on the floods, Marsh Harriers floating above the reedbeds, and buntings and warblers emerging from every tangle of bramble, nettle and rush.

Each bird has its own character - the way it perches or holds its head - the way it feeds and flies, and the way its plumage seeks to hide it or announce its presence. Capturing this character is difficult, and demands hours of observation to distil the essence that defines it.