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24 Mar 2017

Insects become more active

Green socks peacock beetle by Kim Tarsey

The insect activity is starting to pick up on the reserve, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled when walking along the footpaths, and not just for birds!!

These images are of a few species which are active now, the green socks peacock beetle (very cool name) will take some finding as it is only 7mm long and as with most ground beetles prefers shaded areas if out during the day.  Ground bettels are carnivourous and will eat other insects as their prey.

Amongst the vegetation look out for nursery web spiders.  Adults get to between 10-15mm in length.  The body is cigar-shaped and the legs are relatively long and robust, not delicate and spindly. When resting, the front pairs of legs are typically held rigidly outstretched and very close together.

Nursery web spider by Kim Tarsey