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17 Jul 2017

Cranes on the move

Update Mon 24 July: At least six cranes roosted on the reserve Saturday night.  At the bat & barn owl evening which was held at the centre, visitors watched four cranes fly onto the reserve in the late evening.  These four birds were a family of two adults and two youngsters that landed in front of the Lyle hide and proceeded to settle down after some preening, ready to roost.  On scanning the washes from this hide, a further two cranes were viewed between the Nelson-Lyle hide and Lyle hide, also settling down to roost.

Cranes in flight by Tony Orwell     

We have begun to get more regular sightings of cranes on the reserve recently, possibly indicating a movement of the birds within the Fens area.  Last autumn we regularly had up to 18 or 20 cranes visiting the reserve, providing amazing views of this once extinct wetland bird, now back amongst the habitat it belongs in.

Look out for them when you are visiting the reserve, check the latest wildlife sightings to see if they have been spotted recently and keep an eye out on our facebook and twitter accounts to see if numbers build over the summer.

Cranes in flight by Tony Orwell      

Crane in flight by Tony Orwell