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14 Nov 2017

Swan arrivals

Whooper swan family Jane Rowe

Whooper swans have been arriving in good numbers over recent weeks, and a dawn count this week has revealed that we now have 2,400 at WWT Welney.  We also have 24 Bewick’s swans so far, these smaller, shyer swans are often at the quieter end of the reserve, so the best hides to try and see them from are Friends and Lyle.  We have heard of more Bewick’s arriving in the Netherlands, including some of the GPS tagged individuals like Daisy Clarke and Maisie.  The few Bewick’s swans that have arrived in the UK so far have completed the last section of thier migration into head winds as we have not seen many Easterly winds blowing these birds towards our shores this autumn.

Bewicks on Water David Featherbe