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16 Apr 2018

Warblers bring life to the reedbeds

Lapwing on nest from the Lapwing hide     Photo: Andy Burns

Monday morning sightings

Arun Riverlife Lagoon:

4 pairs Med gulls mating and nesting

Black headed gulls

Singing chiff chaff

A pair of lapwing


Tranquil Trail:

sedge warbler singing in willow on the corner

Wren singing

Bullfinch pair

Another sedge warblers

Marsh marigold flowering

Cowslip flowering

Blackthorn flowering


Ramsar hide:

Marsh marigold opposite hide

Common gulls

Oystercatcher pair

Tufted duck

2 pairs lapwing sitting on nest

Song thrush singing


Wetland Discovery channels

Snakes head fritillary

Flowering on island



Tufted duck


Lapwing hide

Ground ivy flowering

Read dead nettle


White dead nettle

Greylag goslings with adults

Coot nest building

Grey heron

Pair of shoveller on water

Lapwing sitting a nest left of hide

2 other lapwing mob a crow who gets too close to nests


Sand Martin Hide

Oystercatcher pair

Shelduck pair

Common gulls

Black-headed gulls, still some juveniles around so moving through

Mediterranean Gulls

Med gulls from the Sand Martin hide in the mix with common and black-headed gulls. Photo: Andy Burns

Scrape hide


Tufted duck

A pair of shoveller and 2 male

black-headed gulls


Reedbed Hide

Marsh harriers early morning


Reedbed boardwalk

Sedge warblers

Reed warbler

Bumble bees nesting in Reed Chamber

Whirligig beetles on the water

Lady smock flowering


Woodland Loop

Black cap singing

Mallard duckling family

Willow warbler singing

Bank voles in stumps

Great tits singing