Please note that we've had to temporarily restrict hand feeding. Find out more.

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Explore our haven for wetland wildlife with its paved, buggy friendly pathways and sturdy non-slip boardwalks weaving through exhibits and wild areas bursting with wetland nature.


Say hello to our huge Dalmatian Pelicans - Storm, Valkyrie, Nebula and Rogue - at Pelican Cove and meet their keepers at the free talk each day at 2pm. Then dip into the Discovery hide to look for kingfishers on the perches beside the nesting bank!

Pop into the Coastal Creek Aviary* and watch long-tailed ducks and spectacled eider dive for fish in the see-through tank with a talk from our Keepers every day at noon.


Then venture into the Lakes and Forest exhibit to hand feed* the friendly nene geese with grain from the dispenser at 20p per handful. Visit the bird feeders in the shady Woodland Loop. How many birds can you spot? Can you hear birds singing in the trees?

Wander the reedbed boardwalk and stop in the Reed Chamber shelter to listen for reed warblers! Can you find other secret spots around the reserve – the Sussex Screen roofless hide, the hidden glade in the Wildlife Garden and the willow arbour down the Tranquil Trail?


Finish with a scramble on the new Pond Skater play area (opened April 2). If you’re visiting on a weekend or holiday book a family Pond Dipping session on the raised pond with our friendly Learning team.

There are lots of spaces nearby for a family picnic with treats from the ice cream van, open on weekends and holidays. Or visit the Water’s Edge café open 10am-4pm every day in the visitor centre for children’s lunch box specials with pasties, panni sandwiches and jacket potatoes for larger appetites.

*Please note these activities may be restricted at certain times of year, to help keep our birds safe.