Pelican Cove

Meet the Keeper, daily talk at 2pm in Pelican Cove.


Meet the Dalmatian pelican - the largest and rarest of the pelican species with a wingspan up to 10 feet! Rogue and Storm are currently at home in our Pelican Cove exhibit with a huge pond and a pair of islands for them to perch on to preen their feathers and sunbathe.

These big birds are built to fish! A huge throat pouch under their oversized beak holds up to 3 buckets of water, acting like a net to scoop up prey. Our Keepers offer them fish several times a day to match their appetites. Meet the Keepers at 2 pm talk each day at Pelican Cove to answer all your pelican questions.

Dalmatian pelicans were once a familiar sight on UK wetlands 2000 years ago, but they became extinct as their wetland homes were drained for farms and people hunted them for food.


These Dalmatian Pelicans are sharing their home with some noisy neighbours – the red breasted geese, nicknamed squeakers for their distinct “squeaky toy” call. The geese will help keep the grass in check as they love to graze plus their noisy presence will add some interest for the placid pelicans.

Who lives in Pelican Cove?

  • Dalmatian pelicans
  • Red-breasted geese