Each season brings its star species and spectacles to Arundel Wetland Centre

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In early April sand martins swoop through the wetlands on their way northwards with some making homes in our Sand Martin hide nesting banks. Listen for the songs of sedge and reed warblers in the reedbeds. Lapwings nest on grasslands and early butterflies appear.

Star species: lapwing, oystercatcher, sand martin, kingfisher, black-headed gull

Lapwing nesting begins. These feisty waders are protective parents, often taking to the air to attack crows and other predators.

Swallows, house martins and sand martins move through Arundel each April on their way northward. Some make Arundel their home.

Arundel's oystercatchers nest in odds spots, in a construction zone, in the middle of a field, on the roof of a hide - where will they end up this year?

Wetland wildlife to watch in early spring

The spring equinox is on Wednesday 20 March but spring behaviours start much earlier with the weather setting the timetable.

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