The Reedswamp exhibit is undergoing restructuring work and we've had to temporarily restrict some activities, including hand feeding. Find out more here.

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The Wetland Discovery Boat Safari is a fifteen-minute guided trip on a quiet electric through beautiful wetland habitats full of seasonal wildlife.


You begin along the water meadows full of colour in summer with wetland wildflowers. You move onto the carr woodland brimming with water loving willows and black poplar - look out for kingfishers perching on the branches. The final section is channels cut through towering reed beds. This is the best place to see and hear water voles crunching on shoots. Keep an eye out for club-tailed dragonflies in the summer months!

Along the way your guide will identify and help you spot the wetland wildlife and plant life, including the elusive sedge and reed warblers flitting in and out of their reed bed nests. Take in excellent views of birds of prey soaring on the thermal of the Offham Hangar throughout the seasons.


Book a boat safari at the admission desk on the day of your visit for £3 per person.

Our boat safari runs every day (except Christmas day) between 10.30 am and 3.45 pm. Trips may be cancelled in icy conditions or high winds.

Each boat holds 6 people and the boats are wheelchair accessible. Life jackets are available and all children must be accompanied by an adult.