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22 Jun 2018

Recent Sightings (20th-22nd June)

British Steel Hide

The highlight of the past couple of days has been 9 newly fledged Lapwing in amongst the post-breeding flock. This is fantastic news for our Lapwings. A rather pale Peregrine has been seen from the hide in recent days, and has been attacking the Jackdaw and Starling flocks out on the saltmarsh. The Starling flock of has seen numbers up to 300 in recent days. A site scarcity in the form of a male House Sparrow flew over the saltmarsh on the 22nd. The post-breeding build up of Mediterranean Gulls has begun with up to 11 being seen on site recently. A couple of them have been ringed, one from Belgium and one from the Czech Republic. 2 Spoonbills were still present on the 20th.

Millennium Wetlands

475 Black-tailed Godwits were on Deep Water Lake on the 22nd, with 2 Knot joining them on the 21st. Many of the Black-headed Gull chicks are nearly at fledging stage, with a few already fledged. There was a bit of exciting news on the breeding bird front, as Willow Tits have probably bred on the site again this year, despite only being heard once (and never seen) in the past year. It’s incredible how they remain so elusive. There are loads of juvenile birds around especially Robins, Blackcaps and Tits and roving flocks of small passerines are now beginning to form.

Other Wildlife

Small Red-eyed Damselflies are now on the wing, and can be seen well from any of the open fishing platforms. Groups of up to 15 have been seen in the small sheltered bays of Deep Water Lake. Ringlets, Small and Large Skippers, Red Admirals, Common Blues and Small Tortoiseshells were seen on a recent butterfly survey. Along with 3 (probable) Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnets. Reptiles are sure to enjoy to the warm weather over the weekend, so keep a look out!