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30 Jul 2018

Beautiful butterflies

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This year’s weather has led to a boom in the numbers of butterflies and moths being recorded at Castle Espie, which was great news for our first ever Butterfly Walk in July!

Visitors explored the reserve alongside Reserve Warden Ross. Sightings on the day included; Common Blue, Peacock, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, Dark Green Fritillary and plenty of Six Spot Burnet moths.


Over the past week or so, we’ve continued to play an active part in the Butterfly Conservation’s #BigButterflyCount. ‘Citizen science’ projects like these are an invaluable tool for conservation organisations as they provide a level of data which would otherwise be unrecorded.

To take part, pick up your free spotter sheet at reception before 12 August and head out to the Castle Espie reserve!

Common Blue