Each season brings its star species and spectacles to Castle Espie Wetland Centre

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Courtship rituals begin; a large colony of black-headed gulls nest on the reserve; terns return to breed and showcase elegant aerobatics; migrating birds return full of birdsong, ducklings arrive and lesser celandine, wood sorrel and snowdrops carpet the reserve.

Star species: terns, black-headed gulls, bats, black-tailed godwit, oystercatcher.

Common and sandwich terns visit the reserve in spring to prospect for breeding sites. Our tern rafts offer them an ideal habitat for nest building, with bare shingle and surrounding water.

Most of our lakes and ponds host families of ducklings, from tufted ducks to mallards to shelducks – there are always babies to see!

Our woodland paths are lined with beautiful blossoming wood-sorrel, guiding you through the trees. At night, the distinctive trefoil leaves fold up completely!

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