World Wetland Aviary

Get up close to the largest collection of ducks and geese in Ireland.


WWT is undertaking conservation work for many of the birds you can see in our collection. This wouldn't be possible without the support of our members and visitors.

Learn all about these birds at our daily Diving Duck Talk at 12.45pm. And, join our keepers for a Handfeeding Session at 3pm daily*.

*Tickets available from reception for £1.50.

Birds to look out for

The red-breasted goose breeds in Arctic Russia and migrates south and then west to winter around the Black Sea, particularly in Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine.

The Greenland white-fronted goose is now one of the rarest geese that visit the UK. The geese migrate between Scotland and Greenland via Iceland - including an incredible flight up and over the 1.5 mile high ice cap.

Meet the nene (Hawaiian goose) – the world’s rarest goose and learn how WWT founder, Sir Peter Scott brought this species back from the brink of extinction.