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10 Aug 2018

Say cheese!

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Throughout June and July, our reserve team monitored the numbers of predators on-site, through camera traps.

Red Fox 

These cameras were placed around the woodland, secret swamp, saline lagoon and limestone lake. This work plays a vital role in the management of the Castle Espie reserve.

In June, the team were delighted to catch a glimpse of this little fox family (see video below).

While, sightings in July included; otters on the Limestone Lake, badgers, plenty of rabbits, a domestic cat and this young fox (see video below).

To find out more about some of the predators on-site, pop along to Animal Tracks this Sunday (12 August), between 2-4pm. This event is part of Dusty’s Wildlife Rangers and included with admission or free for WWT members. More information visit: https://bit.ly/2M7CIJj