We’re open and looking forward to welcoming you back but please note that everyone needs to book their visit in advance. We’ve made other changes too and restricted or closed some of our experience. Visit the bookings page for details.

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Pond Skaters play area

Pond Skaters play area is designed around pond life to engage children to learn about underwater habitats through play.

While leaping wooden lily pads, walking the wobbly fish log and climbing the frog and dragonfly ladders to slide down the duks, children learn what lives above and below the water.

Located beside the real raised pond, the play area is perfect for children up to eight years old.

Meadow Maze walk

The Meadow Maze allows children to wander the meadow path to view the world as an insect. Large interactive exhibits allow hands-on understanding of how some insects eat, move and see.

The Meadow Maze is located next to the Pond Explorer and the Tree Creepers Adventure. It is open from April through October only.

Tree Creepers

Tree Creepers is a unique structure, allowing children to play on two giant scale bird feeders and swing from a big "lard" ball.

This activity area for children aged eight years and older is located in the Woodland Loop area with its many bird nesting boxes. It's been designed to encourage imaginative play while simulating being among the tree tops like a woodland bird.

It also offers families a unique experience playing in naturally beautiful surroundings while enjoying British wildlife.