WWT Castle Espie

Get set for 60 adventure-filled acres of wildlife brilliance


Meet our wildlife superstars

Go nose-to-beak with some of nature’s most exciting animals

Beautiful ducks and
gorgeous geese

We’ve hundreds of pretty ducks and geese keen to say ‘hello’, including the red-breasted goose and the white-faced whistling duck. Then there are our friendly Nenes who love nothing more than feeding from your hand, offering nature at your fingertips. Winter birds also fly in to see you – among them, the world’s largest population of Light-Bellied Brent Geese!

Cuddly ducklings, gosling
and cygnets

Our duckery is a very special place, where our cutest and fluffiest residents live. Creep in quietly to see our latest arrivals. In the winter, many young birds come here to stay safe from the cold. In summer, you can delight at our newborns, all hand-reared by us. You can even go behind the scenes with our special Duckery tours.

Swooping bats and
wonderful waders

Our magical location on the shores of Strangford Lough means we’re a kingdom for wildlife. Bats swoop over reed beds, whilst in the tidal lagoons there are over a [100 exotic] and native water birds to spot. Plus, be on the lookout for kingfishers, which regularly visit our Saline Lagoon, dragonflies and an abundance of songbirds, too.


Wander, explore, play

Exciting hands-on discovery for all ages

Brent play barn

Arctic-themed slides, a hide and seek fox’s den, a giant Brent nest, Arctic animal rockers – it’s all happening in our Arctic-themed soft play barn, created especially to fire the imaginations of young explorers under 115cm tall. And when the playing is over, refill hungry tums in the Kingfisher Kitchen

Wildwood adventure and Secret Swamp

Run, jump and fly through our all-natural Wildwood adventure area - burrow in the badger’s sett, dash along the log obstacle course, build a den, and soar high on the rope swing. Then venture into a world of mossy glades through our Secret Swamp walk. Follow the signs past the wishing tree and deep into the woods where our fabulous treehouse, zip wire and dazzling green swamp awaits.

Sensory Garden and Courtyard

Take it easy in our herb-scented garden as birds play overhead and the trickle of the Rill Pond soothes you. Wander through the Fruit Garden, where delicious local apples grow, stroll around our Tactile Garden, and breathe in the rich perfume of our Butterfly Garden. For more delights, head to the wriggly wormery and visit our spongy-barked redwood tree.

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