Duck the stress this World Wetlands Day and visit WWT Castle Espie for a moment of calm

This World Wetlands Day, 2 February 2024, WWT Castle Espie wants everyone to duck the stress of modern living and visit their local wetland for a moment of calm. World Wetlands Day is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the vital role of wetlands for people and planet.

Research has shown that just ten minutes in a wetland setting, spaces like a marsh, lake or river, is enough to boost your mood, and WWT wants to share the stress-busting power of wetlands with as many people as possible this year.

Frozen wetlands at dawn.

To get more people visiting blue spaces WWT, the charity for wetlands and wildlife, has announced that for the World Wetlands Day weekend (2-4 Feb) any paying visitor or WWT member visiting their sites, including WWT Castle Espie will be able to bring a friend for free.

As part of the Wetlands Weekend look out for lots of things to do at WWT Castle Espie. The Drawn to Water Quentin Blake at WWT partnership continues with Part 2 of the exhibition, on display at The Graffan Gallery until 29 February, featuring lesser-known works from Sir Quentin Blake’s personal archive. With 25 wetland themed prints on display, the exhibition provides a unique glimpse into Quentin’s passion for wetlands and wildlife.

Join learning manager John McCullough for a World Wetland Day walk and soak up the mood-boosting power of our blue spaces. Discover their awe-inspiring importance to the natural world and how you can help them thrive. Meet at WWT Castle Espie reception for 2pm on 2nd February.

The sun setting against the sky over the wetlands. A group of people walk across the field.

Don’t forget to run, splash, play your way round Castle Espie with the new and updated Wild Welly Walk Trail. Pick up a checklist, complete and get a free cookie when you return to the centre.

WWT Castle Espie will also encourage visitors to share their experiences on site by writing down how wetlands make them feel as part of a participatory word cloud. More widely WWT will be recommending some of the UK’s other best wetlands and sharing the sights and sounds of wetlands digitally for those who can’t visit a blue space in person over the World Wetlands Day weekend.

Paul Stewart, Centre Manager at WWT Castle Espie, said:

At WWT we celebrate wetlands 365 days a year, but World Wetlands Day helps us bring even more people to our sites to share the beauty and serenity of these super-powered habitats. With the theme of World Wetlands Day this year focusing on wetlands and human wellbeing it’s the perfect weekend to share a moment of calm with your friends and loved ones.

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