The play area (climbing frame area, not the woods or swamp) will be temporarily closed for a short period as we are installing a new Play Tower- we apologise for any inconvenience.

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Recent Sightings 18th April 2022

With Black-headed gull numbers still high, and nests beginning to appear all around the reserve – Castle Espie is full of life! These sightings were taken at low tide on a clear morning. Black-tailed godwit and Knot are still making use of the Shingle bank and Wadermarsh, and can easily been seen in a mixed flock roosting on the Shingle at high tide. For these waders, high tide marks the end of feeding time as they no longer have access to the mudflats that store the majority of their food.

Some more spring and summer visitors can be seen, and heard, in the Woodland now as we move further into April. Blackcaps (pictured) and Chiffchaffs are making themselves known around the wet woodland area. The Chiffchaff is a beautiful, delicate little passerine with a pale yellow tint. See if you can hear the distinctive ‘chiff chaff chiff chaff’ call next time you visit the secret swamp!

Estuary - visible from the Brent Hide and the Limekiln Observatory

Lesser black-backed gull 5, Common gull 1, Little egret 2, Black-headed gull 195, Herring gull 4, Eider 24, Light-bellied brent goose 100, Grey heron 1, Shelduck 3, Oystercatcher 148, Black-tailed godwit 156

Main lake - visible from Sensory garden and Visitor Centre

Mute swan 2, Greylag goose 2, Tufted duck 1, Gadwall 4, Mallard 15, Teal 6, Redshank 6, Moorhen 3, Black-headed gull 28

Shingle Bank - visible from Sensory garden and Visitor Centre

Black-headed gull 156, Moorhen 1, Black-tailed godwit 142, Knot 30

Wadermarsh - visible from Wadermarsh lookout and Brent Hide

Black-headed gull 28, Redshank 9, Black-tailed godwit 1

Freshwater Lagoon - visible from Brent Hide and Crannóg

Black-headed gull 197, Lesser black-backed gull 2, Mallard 2, Black-tailed godwit 1, Moorhen 1, Gadwall 2

Saline Lagoon - visible from Limekiln observatory

Redshank 3, Black-headed gull 92


Jackdaw 1, Mallard 5, Black-headed gull 1, Moorhen 1

Limestone Lake

Black-headed gull 12

Peninsula Saltmarsh

Little egret 1, Black-headed gull 3, Meadow pipit 1, Dunnock 1

Peninsula Field


Chiffchaff, Blackbird, Great tit, Jackdaw, Blackcap, Robin, Wood pigeon, Chaffinch, Wren, Blue tit, Willow warbler