Recent Sightings 26th February 2024

Our rare visitor is still here! A Spotted redshank, an unusual sight at Castle Espie, seems to be sticking around the area for a while, often seen either on the Estuary or the Wadermarsh – both habitats can be seen perfectly from the Brent Hide on the Reserve. Large numbers of Oystercatcher (pictured) were ready to roost on the end of the Pier as the tide slowly came in with the chilly wind. The Limekiln Observatory is a great place to view these endearing black and white waders as the hunker down on the rocks with the water creeping in around them.

Goldfinch and Siskin were busy in the woodland, feeding on the seeds provided by the larch trees and other conifers. Siskin are also members of the finch family, meaning both these brightly coloured little passerines have the perfect beaks for prizing out seeds and cracking them open. Evolution provided them with the perfect tools for the job! A Mistle thrush was also singing away in the Woodland, which is less likely to hear than its usual ‘football rattle’ call. Yes, although it’s less often heard than it’s call, the Mistle thrush actually has a melodic song not unlike a Blackbird!

Estuary - visible from the Brent Hide and the Limekiln Observatory

Spotted redshank 1, Redshank 43, Curlew 34, Oystercatcher 347, Grey plover 24, Herring gull 8, Common gull 4, Shelduck 1, Light-bellied brent goose 69, Hooded crow 4, Dunlin 30, Turnstone 2, Knot 2, Black-tail godwit 4, Eider 28

Main lake - visible from Sensory garden and Visitor Centre

Mute swan 2, Teal 24, Mallard 14, Gadwall 6, Coot 2, Moorhen 9, Tufted duck 4, Lesser black-backed gull 2, Great tit, Blue tit, Robin, Raven, Wood pigeon

Shingle Bank - visible from Sensory garden and Visitor Centre

Cormorant 2, Jackdaw 6, Teal 46, Moorhen 1, Mallard 12, Gadwall 8, Little egret 1

Wadermarsh - visible from Wadermarsh lookout and Brent Hide

Greenshank 2, Redshank 4, Black-tail godwit 4

Freshwater Lagoon - visible from Brent Hide and Crannóg

Teal 10, Mallard 5, Moorhen 1

Saline Lagoon - visible from Limekiln observatory

Little grebe 1, Teal 6

Peninsula Saltmarsh

Shelduck 2, Jackdaw 2

Peninsula Field

Hooded crow 2


Jackdaw 4

Limestone Lake

Wood pigeon 2, Mallard 2


Mistle thrush, Robin, Wren, Wood pigeon, Blue tit, Chaffinch, Blackbird, Coal tit, Great tit, Goldcrest, Goldfinch, Siskin

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