Recent Sightings 29th April 2024

Despite the unpleasant weather on Monday, the Reserve still had a great variety of birds on full view from the safety of our hides. A male Shoveler was feeding on the Main Lake, underneath Swallows swooping back and forth over the Shingle bank and over to the Wadermarsh. The feeders outside the Garden Hide also hosted lots of small passerines including the impressive Pied wagtail, with its distinctive long tail that bobs up and down very charismatically.

Blackcap (pictured) were numerous around the Reserve, singing through the wind and rain in the Woodland, beside the Main Lake and near Limestone Lake. These grey warblers can be hard to spot, but are very distinctive when you do catch a glimpse. The male sports a bold black cap on top of his head, with the female’s cap being a more ginger colour, and both with delicate grey bodies. They favour brambles and scrub for nesting, so you’ll often find them singing and holding territories around these prickly bushes!

Estuary - visible from the Brent Hide and the Limekiln Observatory

Shelduck 5, Gadwall 2, Black-headed gull 39, Light-bellied brent goose 41, Oystercatcher 1, Little egret 1, Greater black-backed gull 1, Curlew 1, Common gull 1, Lesser black-backed gull 2

Main lake - visible from Sensory garden and Visitor Centre

Mallard 4, Little grebe 2, Gadwall 2, Teal 2, Tufted duck 2, Coot 2, Swallow 6, Hooded crow 1, Moorhen 1, Black-headed gull 3, Shoveler 1, Chaffinch, Wren, Robin, Blue tit, Blackcap, Pied wagtail, Coal tit, Great tit, Blackbird, Jackdaw

Shingle Bank - visible from Sensory garden and Visitor Centre

Black-headed gull 12, Mallard 1, Jackdaw 1, Moorhen 1

Wadermarsh - visible from Wadermarsh lookout and Brent Hide

Black-headed gull 7, Moorhen 1, Blackbird

Freshwater Lagoon - visible from Brent Hide and Crannóg

Coot 2, Hooded crow 1, Mallard 3, Black-headed gull 4, Gadwall 2, Wren, Sedge warbler

Saline Lagoon - visible from Limekiln observatory

Black-headed gull 12, Gadwall 1, Blackbird

Peninsula Saltmarsh

Shelduck 2

Peninsula Field

Magpie, Mallard 2


Robin, Wood pigeon, Jackdaw 2

Limestone Lake

Grey heron 1, Black-headed gull 1, Robin, Wood pigeon, Willow warbler, Blue tit, Blackbird, Blackcap, Moorhen 1, Jackdaw 1, Wren, Great tit, Goldfinch


Chaffinch, Wren, Robin, Blackbird, Goldcrest, Blackcap, Willow warbler, Magpie, Great tit

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