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Recent Sightings 9th May 2022

The grey weather made for a quiet morning at Castle Espie, but there is always something to see. The wind and rain did not manage to deter some of the reserves newest, and dare I say cutest, arrivals – Greylag goslings (pictured). The family of 10, including mum and dad Greylag, can be seen swimming across the Main Lake, walking along the Shingle Bank and grazing on the islands in the Wader Marsh. If the weather is still unpleasant then you can easily see them from the Kingfisher café and the Brent Hide whilst still staying warm and dry, so don’t be discouraged!

Terns are becoming a more common sight on the reserve as spring continues and summer looms. Two Sandwich terns were seen off the end of the Pier this morning diving for food. Many of the important colonies of Sandwich terns nest in nature reserves, using shingle banks, sandy beaches and islands – this is one of the reasons wetlands are so vital as they can easily provide these kinds of habitats. Common terns also visit Castle Espie in the summer, sporting a bright red beak rather than a black one.

Estuary - visible from the Brent Hide and the Limekiln Observatory

Little egret 4, Oystercatcher 119, Dunlin 8, Sandwich tern 2, Eider 8, Black-headed gull 41, Greater black-backed gull 1, Herring gull 14, Lesser black-backed gull 1, Curlew 1, Whimbrel 2

Pier – visible from Limelkiln Observatory and Peninsular Lookout

Herring gull 3, Oystercatcher 2 (flying over)

Main lake - visible from Sensory garden and Visitor Centre

Mute swan 2, Gadwall 3, Mallard 14, Greylag goose 2 + goslings 8, Black-headed gull 29, Moorhen 3

Shingle Bank - visible from Sensory garden and Visitor Centre

Black-headed gull 16, Moorhen 1

Wadermarsh - visible from Wadermarsh lookout and Brent Hide

Black-headed gull 6, Jackdaw 5, Shelduck 2, Black-tailed godwit 1

Freshwater Lagoon - visible from Brent Hide and Crannóg

Mallard 6, Coot 1, Moorhen 1, Black-tailed godwit 2, Black-headed gull 206, Gadwall 5, Greylag goose 1, Lesser black-backed gull 1, Sedge warbler, Reed bunting

Saline Lagoon - visible from Limekiln observatory

Redshank 33, Gadwall 1, Greylag goose 1, Black-headed gull 90, Lesser black-backed gull 1, Tufted duck 2


Hooded crow 3, Jackdaw 3, Wood pigeon 1

Limestone Lake

Black-headed gull 15

Peninsula Saltmarsh

Shelduck 2

Peninsula Field


Blackbird, Robin, Chaffinch, Blue tit, Wood pigeon, Jackdaw, Wren, Great tit, Goldcrest, Blackcap