The leaves are turning and our wetlands are bustling with the arrival of migratory birds. Join us and immerse yourself in the beauty of autumn, come rain or shine!

This season's highlights

With wide-open spaces and wetlands full of the sights and sounds of nature, there's plenty to see and do.

Flamboyant flamingos

Feast your eyes on our fabulous flock of exotically coloured Caribbean flamingos

Adventure awaits

For the brave! Take on the challenges at our wild outdoor play areas! Find out more. Find out more.

New Life

Meet some of the world's most unusual and rare ducks, geese and swans - with many tame enough to feed from your hand!

Seek out some special places

Discover our sparkling lakes, ponds and lagoons, and the wildlife that call them home

Photographer’s dream

Take unrivalled close ups of wildlife against stunning wetland backdrops. Every season offers something new.

Breath-taking vistas

Enjoy peace in one of our hides and watch the wildlife spectacle unfold before you

Discover our wildlife

A world of wetland nature awaits you at Llanelli Wetland Centre. With our mosaic of habitats, there’s always a star species on show.