Construction work is ongoing to replace the old footbridge to the reserve. An alternative route is available, but the Heron's Wing and Peter Scott hides will be closed until the work is complete. We apologise for any inconvenience.


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Adventure Awaits

We've got plenty of exciting outdoor play areas for all ages to conquer!

Llanelli Explore play area

In our daring wild outdoor adventure playground Explore, laugh as you leap across swamps, walk the ropes, balance along beams and hop around like a fearless frog. Race to the wishing well to find your destiny, take a peek in the wooden roundhouse, rustle through the giant reeds, make some noise with our wooden instruments and see if you’re brave enough to tackle the adventurer route. Don’t forget your wellies on rainy days!

Fancy testing your building skills? Make like a bird and weave your own giant nest, or head down to Wiggly Wood to build your own secret den. Whether you make a fairy castle or a top secret HQ - it’s your den, your rules!

children sat in den

Nearer to the centre you can play alongside the beautiful swans, ducks and geese in the sandy flamingo-themed paradise Flamingo Bay. Right next to the centre, it’s also a good location for the grown-ups to sit with a takeaway coffee (or ice cream!) so they can relax and watch you swing, slide, rock and scramble.

The reserve side also has its own great play areas. Don’t forget to check out Swan’s Nest Maze and get to the middle of the winding willow puzzle to find the big swan’s eggs… and then try to find your way back out again! Then, there’s Water Vole City, too! Wriggle and crawl through willowy tunnels like our furry wetland friends, just please don’t make a territorial latrine up there like real water voles do…