New black swan cygnets hatch at WWT Washington

Three is the magic number at Washington Wetland Centre as they welcome the arrival of three charming black swan cygnets.

The black swan pair – who were first introduced in May 2021 - have done a fantastic job laying and protecting their clutch of eggs - three of which hatched successfully on 14th March. Two of the youngsters had a rough start, needing vet input immediately after hatching. After quick action, treatment and some TLC from WWT Washington’s expert team of keepers, they've pulled through and seem to be doing well.

As their third brood, this swan duo is proving themselves a dab-hand at keeping these cygnets in check.

Black swan cygnets 2024 2 966x635.jpg

Dan Morrison, Collection Manager at WWT Washington said,

"We’re really pleased to see our black swans have nested and successfully hatched three cygnets again this year; a sign that they’re a happy and healthy pair. While it’s still early days for the youngsters, we’re cautiously optimistic that they’ll thrive and return to Close Encounters in the next few weeks."

The family was relocated from their usual habitat in Close Encounters to temporary off-show accommodations. Here, they are given time to bond and adapt to life as a family of five. This move not only shields them during their most vulnerable stage but also enables the team to closely monitor their behaviour and growth. This phase can last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. They'll stay off-show for 3-4 weeks to safeguard them during their early stages.

Keep an eye out on WWT Washington’s social media pages @WWTWashington for updates on the progress of the cygnet trio and to find out when they’ll be making their first public appearance in the coming weeks!

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