We’re open and looking forward to welcoming you. Don’t forget to book online before visiting.

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Welney Wetland Centre

Discover a safe haven of wide open spaces bursting with wetland nature. Fill your lungs with fresh air, stretch your legs and get ready to explore our extraordinary wetland paradise, whatever the weather!

Your wetland centre

Get closer to nature than ever at Welney

This season's highlights

With wide-open spaces and wetlands full of the sights and sounds of nature, there's plenty to see and do.

Discover our wild wonders

Watch the wildlife spectacle unfold from the comfort of our hides

Summery walks in the Washes

Sweep through scent filled meadows through the wild washes of the Fens

Lovely Lady Fen

Enjoy spectacular views over this magnificent stretch of land

"'Welcome back' said the sign in the car park, and yes - we DID feel very welcome! Thank you for the careful preparation on your part that enabled us to reconnect with nature (especially the delightful Whooper family) at this very unusual and difficult time."

- Welney visitor, via email -

WWT is the charity that protects wetlands and wildlife

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