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Reserve access improving

Posted on 06 Jan 2020

Water levels are dropping on the Ouse Washes which means there are now footpaths and further hides to explore. Spits of land are beginning to appear on the reserve, giving wading birds somewhere safe to land and roost. The swans that have been feeding out in the fields throughout the day are returning to the reserve at dusk, gliding down onto the water in front of the main hide. Good numbers of swans can be seen at the floodlit feeds on Saturdays and Sundays.

Lady Fen is providing a greater variety of birds, with the best views from the visitor centre and carpark. During the day enjoy watching flocks of wigeon, lapwing and golden plover, as well as highlights including pintail, shoveler, teal, shelduck, great white egret, barn owl and short-eared owl.

All approaches to Welney are currently flood-free and open.