A world of wildlife awaits at Welney Wetland Centre. With a variety of habitats on offer, there's always a star species on show. Check the latest sightings and find out how to make the most of Welney's wildlife.

Summer at Welney Wetland Centre

The washes become colourful with wildflowers, dragonflies, butterflies and moths; the need to feed young spurs hawks and owls to hunt; swallows and house martins fledge.

Nature reserve

Welney takes in 1,000 acres of the Ouse Washes alongside 300 acres of wetland recreation, where some of the UK's rarest ground-nesting birds hatch their young.

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Latest sightings

Find out which species have made an appearance with our latest sightings, updated regularly by staff and volunteers.

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Wildlife guide

As the seasons change, so do the wild visitors. Find out what to see when with our Wildlife Guide.

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Viewing wildlife

Welney Wetland Centre has a variety of hides looking across the stunning Ouse Washes, the dragonfly ponds and reed beds.

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