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09 Apr 2018

Reed buntings, sedge warblers & Cetti’s warblers

Chiff chaff in the catkins     Photo: Romney Turner

Summary: Good numbers of gadwall, tufted duck on the water and a few teal & shoveler. Pairs of lapwings nesting on wet grasslands. Two pairs of oystercatchers still looking for nesting spots. Mandarin ducks, black caps, a willow warbler, coal tits and blue tits in the Woodland loop.  Chiff chaffs, sedge warblers, reed buntings and Cetti’s warblers in the reedbed.

A few water voles sightings in reedbed and bank voles in the Woodland loop. Still a few water rail onsite. A few swallows moving through.

Black-headed gulls, common gills and med gulls from the Sand martin hide.

Along the paths & ponds

o long-tailed tits
o Cetti’s warblers
o wren
o dunnocks
o song thrushes
o robin
o goldfinches
o chiff chaffs
o bullfinches
o brimstone butterflies (when sunny)

Woodland Loop

o great spotted woodpecker
o blue tits in nest boxes
o coal tits
o great tits singing
o chaffinch
o bank voles
o mandarin ducks
o willow warbler
o black cap


o Reed buntings
o Cetti’s warbler
o sedge warbler

Lagoons at Ramsar, Sand Martin & Scrape hides

o shoveler ducks
o tufted ducks
o shelducks
o gadwall
o black-headed gull
o Mediterranean gull
o common gull
o oystercatcher pair
o pochard
o water rail (few)

Wetlands Discovery

o kingfisher (few)
o swallows (new)
o water voles

Arun Riverlife

o lapwing pair
o gadwall
o tufted ducks
o mute swan
o grey wagtail

Wet Grasslandsfrom Lapwing  & Ramsar hides

o gadwall
o greylag geese & goslings
o lapwing nesting
o oystercatcher pairs (2)
o mallard & ducklings

Spring plant life

o Ladysmock leaves and a few flower spikes visible
o Coltsfoot
o primrose
o snowdrops
o red dead nettle