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13 Apr 2018

Ospreys return!

The Caerlaverock ospreys have returned!

Our regular pair arrived back on 7th April, two days earlier than last year. The female has a white ring, ‘TR’ and the male is unringed but we were able to identify him from the distinctive markings on his head.  The male was very good at bringing in fish for the female and chicks last year and he has been catching fish regularly for the female again this year. We are hoping that eggs will be laid in the last week of April.

This pair successfully raised three chicks last year which were ringed blue PY5, blue PY6 and blue PY7.  PY5 and PY7 were fitted with satellite tags and PY5 was last seen in Portugal and PY7 in Senegal. Young ospreys tend to return to Scotland to breed after two to three years.

The osprey nest can be viewed 10am – 5pm daily, on the webcam in the visitor centre and on the website.