Due to the latest government coronavirus lockdown restrictions, WWT Arundel is closed until further notice. See here for more information.

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Get set for a winter adventure and enjoy 65 acres of wetland paradise. See wildlife on the move as winter migration begins.

This season's highlights

With wide-open spaces and wetlands full of the sights and sounds of nature, there's plenty to see and do.

Reeds of wonder

Take our wooden boardwalk of decks and bridges through a peaceful world of reeds, lakes and forests where secretive snipe creep while marsh harriers soar above

Wetland superstars

Meet some of nature’s most exciting and exotic animals - we’ve got over 40 species from around the world!

Wildlife Specials

Keep an eye out for majestic marsh harriers, roosting pied wagtails and a congregation of little egrets

Breath-taking vistas

Enjoy our comfortable hides and watch the wildlife spectacle unfold before you

Photographer’s dream

Take close ups of birds and wetland wildlife against stunning wetland backdrops

Winter wildlife

Barer trees make kingfishers easier to spot; frosty days bring flocks to the lagoons while small birds flit in the hedgerows for hunting for food

Discover winter wildlife

A world of wetland nature awaits you at Arundel Wetland Centre. With our mosaic of habitats, there’s always a star species on show.


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