The Reedswamp exhibit is undergoing restructuring work and we've had to temporarily restrict some activities, including hand feeding. Find out more here.

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May 28-June 5 is Wonderful Wildlife Week at WWT Arundel

Wriggling tadpoles, fledging kingfishers and fluffy oystercatcher chicks (above) are part of the wonderful wildlife hatching out of the ponds and meadows this half term at Arundel Wetland Centre from May 28-June 5, all part of Wonderful Wildlife Week.

It’s peak season for fluffy young families around the wetland reserve. A baby kingfisher has emerged from the nest on the Arun Riverlife lagoon. An oystercatcher chick just hatched near Coastal Creek aviary and parents can be heard calling lapwing chicks opposite the Ramsar hide. A pair of pochards have a duckling on Pelican Cove while greylag goslings (below) and Canada geese goslings waddle the reserve. Blue tits are nesting in the nest box display on the wall of the visitor centre in box number 4.

greylag gosling wwteb.jpg

There’s lots of wonderful wildlife in the collection of endangered and threatened wildlife that live at Arundel Wetland Centre, too. Meet Dalmatian pelicans at Pelican Cove at the Keeper talks each afternoon. Visit the Lakes and Forest exhibit to see colourful Carolina wood ducks, two-tone buffleheads and friendly Nene geese.


Round out your visit with a family Pond Dipping session, a wetland boat safari or create nature crafts with the Learning Team. Look for our roaming Discovery Trolley with nests, eggs and all things spring!

A visit to Arundel Wetland Centre this season includes butterflies flitting along lush pathways and dragonflies zipping along the reed channels of the boat safari ride. Wild flower season has wetland meadows blooming in a dazzling display of colour including red campion, yellow flag iris and purple ground ivy.

Arundel Wetland Centre is open every day from 10am-4.30pm. The 65 acre wetland reserve has buggy friendly, paved, level pathways and sturdy no-slip wooden boardwalks. The boat rides, pond dipping and the wildlife hides are wheelchair accessible. There is free parking with the Water’s Edge Café and a WWT shop onsite.

Ready to visit? If you've been inspired to explore Arundel Wetland Centre, find out more and book your visit online.