WWT Caerlaverock

Get set for 1,400 nature-filled acres of amazing wildlife


Meet our wildlife superstars

An abundance of wonderful wild birds, wildflowers and insects

Wintering geese
and swans

In October, tens of thousands of wild barnacle geese from Svalbard and hundreds of whooper swans fly in to winter with us on the Solway Firth, staying until April. Watch the action unfold from one of our four observation towers or grab a spot in our superb Sir Peter Scott Observatory to enjoy the remarkable wild swan feed. Feeding time – 11am and 2pm – is one feathery show not to be missed.

Peregrine falcons and
hen harriers

Our Saltcot Merse Observatory gives astonishing views across the reserve and all the way to the Solway and Lake District fells beyond. Expect waders feeding on the in-coming tide, whilst peregrine falcons and hen harriers hunt over vast salt flats. In summer, ospreys perch on driftwood eating the fish they’ve caught in the Solway.

Ospreys, swans and

In April our breeding pair of ospreys return to Caerlaverock to nest. Watch live footage of the osprey family on the nest from 10am – 5pm every day, April to August. From September to March between 9am-5pm the camera is live from the Whooper pond where you can watch the swan feeds at 11am and 2pm, then every evening from 5pm the camera becomes ‘badgercam’ where you may see wild badgers feeding on peanuts and honey.


Wander, explore, ramble

Wildlife discovery for all ages

Walk the Sir Peter Scott trail

Wind your way around our Sir Peter Scott Centenary woodland trail, then hunker down in our one of our three hides to spot kingfishers, woodpeckers, and a wealth of small birds including the rare tree sparrow. The Newfield hide looks north over wet fields, the Back Pond Hide looks east along the pond giving you the chance to see elusive kingfishers.

Walk on the Wildside

Sweep through flower-filled meadows, past wild orchids and orange-tip butterflies on our magical wildflower meadow walk. Then follow the muddy banks of Lochar Water, looking out for roe deer tracks and a glimpse of the elusive otters who live here – a wonderful wildflower and wildlife rush in the summer. When it’s time to refuel, head to our coffee shop for a delicious hot or cold home-made lunch.

Wetland wonders

Follow our seasonal trails to learn more about wetland habitats and species.  Hire a rucksack full of bug hunting equipment, do some pond dipping and use spotter guides in the summer to find bugs and dragonflies and visit the Centre to see a species of shrimp that has been around since the time of the dinosaurs, the ‘Tadpole Shrimp’.


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