We’re opening and looking forward to welcoming you back but please note that everyone needs to book their visit in advance. We’ve made other changes too and restricted or closed some of our experience. Visit the bookings page for details.

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Get set for 1400 nature-filled acres of amazing wildlife. With more hides, towers and observatories than any other nature reserve in Scotland, it's the perfect place to get up-close and personal with our wonderful wildlife.

What to expect when you visit

During this period while we emerge from lockdown please note that we’ve had to restrict and even completely close some experiences at Caerlaverock to help everyone stay safe. We haven’t updated the whole website because the situation changes frequently, so this page is likely to be inaccurate. We hope this doesn’t affect your enjoyment of your day.


Meet our wildlife superstars

Go nose-to-beak with some of nature's most exciting animals

Spring stars

Look into our ponds to discover croaking frogs, frogspawn and tadpoles, whirligig beetles zooming on the surface and smooth newts darting in the depths.

Courting and nesting

Returning migrants are busy singing to attract a mate, with scratchy sedge warblers and fluting willow warblers. Other birds are finding nest building materials, with house martins collecting mud from the Folly pond and Long tailed tits finding spider webs around the hides.

Damsels and dragons

As predators of the ponds, dragonflies and damselflies begin to climb plant stalks out of the water, to hatch out to become agile airborne predators!

Wonder, explore, play

Exciting hands-on discovery for all ages

Walk the Sir Peter Scott trail

Wind your way around our Sir Peter Scott Centenary trail, then hunker down in one of our hides to spot mute swans, little grebes and perhaps the elusive kingfisher.


Find one of 20 different hides around the reserve, to sit in peace and quiet and watch the wildlife spectacle unfold in front of you! We have the larger Avenue Tower, Peter Scott Observatory and Saltcot Merse Observatory, or one of our many small hides, such as Sharp’s Lookout and the fantastic Teal Pond Hide!

Wetland wonders

Follow our seasonal trails to learn interesting facts about wetland habitats and species such as winter buds, collective nouns, feathers, waders and farmland birds.

The Paddock

Wander through our newest habitat, the Paddock. Created two years ago the ponds are full of plant and insect life. Look in the hedgerows for tree sparrows, yellowhammers and reed buntings. The Scottish Water Hide is a fantastic place to watch wildlife, with a stunning view of the Solway and the Lake District hills.

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Find out more about all the activities you can enjoy during your visit