Gaze upon the open vistas, breathe in the coastal air and listen to the gentle sounds of nature at our peaceful wetland paradise.

This season's highlights

Signs of spring abound as the reserve awakens from winter. Catch the last of the barnacle geese as the chiffchaffs arrive, frogspawn appears in ponds and the primroses bloom down the avenues and hares lollop in the early sunshine.

Wild webcam

Watch the Caerlaverock badgers feeding on peanuts and honey each evening! Watch online.

Stay with us

Our cosy farmhouse offers spectacular views and unforgettable wildlife experiences. Find out more.

Walk on the Wildside

Take a walk through our wildflower meadow, full of life, with dragonflies, bees and butterflies!

Sounds of spring

The Sir Peter Scott trail is alive with the songs of recently arrived warblers, as well as our regular residents.

Breathtaking vistas

Sit in peace in one of our hides and watch the wildlife spectacle unfold.

Tree-lined avenues

The avenue blooms with new leaves on sycamores and hawthorns, above primroses and lesser celandines.

Follow the migration

A world of wetland nature awaits you at Caerlaverock Wetland Centre. With our mosaic of habitats, there’s always a star species on show


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