Great news – WWT Caerlaverock has been awarded status as a Dragonfly Hotspot by the British Dragonfly Society (BDS) – which means there are loads of amazing dragonflies (and damselflies) to spot at our centre in summer. They are all listed below - can you spot them all?

Four spotted chaser dragonfly

Dragonflies and damselflies you can see at WWT Caerlaverock

The best places to see dragonflies and damselflies at our centre are at the entrance to Walk on the Wildside, by the Teal Pond and on the rail outside the Avenue Tower

  • Emperor dragonfly
  • Four spotted chaser (above)
  • Common darter
  • Black darter
  • Emerald damselfly
  • Large red damselfly
  • Blue-tailed damselfly
  • Common blue damselfly
  • Azure damselfly

If you manage to photograph or film one of our dragonflies and damselflies then we'd love you to share them on social media. Tag us @wwtcaerlaverock. You can report your sightings to the British Dragonfly Society (BDS) too.