WWT Caerlaverock

The Caerlaverock area is home to breeding ospreys that have arrived every summer since 2006. They've successfully reared 15 chicks to fledge to date.

2017 season

On Sunday 9th April, thanks to the live images from our nest camera, we saw the female osprey ringed white TR and her unringed mate arrive on the nest. This was the pair that successfully raised two chicks from this nest last year. They took over their nest from another pair which had arrived a few days earlier, a pair that we had seen breed successfully at another nest site in the area in previous years, male yellow 80 and his mate. Hopefully they found another nest site not too far away. White TR was ringed as one of a brood of three in the vicinity of Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire in 2008. She's nine years old now and last year was the first sighting of her since she was ringed as a chick.

The first of three eggs was laid on the 22nd of April, the second on the 24th & 3rd on the 27th. Incubation went well and the male bird brought in a lot of fish, mainly flounders. The first egg hatched out on the 28th of May, the second followed on the 30th and the 3rd on the 1st of June. The chicks developed very quickly on the excellent service of fish from the male, so much so that there was very little difference in size and no bullying of the younger sibling. They were ringed by the FCS rangers with blue plastic leg rings with white characters. PY5, PY6 and PY7. PY5 & PY6 are male birds and PY7 a female. PY5 and PY7 were also fitted with satellite tags which you can now follow on www.societe.org.gg/movetech/ospreys2017/

PY5 is tag 635 and PY7 is tag 634, at the end of September both were well on their way south, it will be interesting to see where they end up for the winter. They will probably stay in Africa next year returning in spring 2019 but some young ospreys have been known to return after one winter in Africa.

The Caerlaverock Osprey Project is a joint project between Forestry Commission Scotland and WWT

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