With the significant rainfall wellies are highly recommended for anyone visiting the site at the moment.
We are doing our best to pump and put out duckboards to help with access but there is only so much we can do.


Caerlaverock Wetland Centre is a spectacular 1,400 acre wild reserve situated on the north Solway coast. The centre is deservedly famous for its vast flocks of over-wintering water-birds, including up to 40,000 barnacle geese from Arctic Svalbard and large numbers of pink-footed geese and whooper swans.

Summer offers the opportunity to explore rolling wildflower meadows, watch ospreys hunting over the Solway and even spot barn owls and badgers if staying overnight in our self catering farmhouse.

From dawn until dusk, from January to December, in fair weather and not so fair, its open coastal landscape and wide skies are full of the sights and sounds of nature – and very little else.

Don’t miss

  • Badgers
  • Barnacle and pink-footed geese (in very substantial numbers in winter)
  • Barn owls
  • Bats (pipistrelle, noctule and Daubenton’s are regulars)
  • Ospreys (one of many species of raptors)
  • Skylark
  • Tree sparrows
  • Whooper swans (among many other waterfowl)