Build your perfect LEGO® Brick Wetland Safari family visit

The UK's only LEGO® Brick Wetland Safari comes to Llanelli Wetland Centre this summer!

The UK's only LEGO® Brick Wetland Safari comes to Llanelli Wetland Centre this summer!

Featuring 15 GIANT models, including 2 NEW characters never before seen at Llanelli, this exciting trail will make you look at our real-life wetland superstars in a whole new light!

Prevailing favourites Katie the Kingfisher, Lottie the Otter, Fred the Frog and Sam the Short-eared Owl return for the adventure, now joined by the staggeringly intricate Percy the Pelican and Camille the Curlew. Camille was only completed a few weeks ago!

Here are our top tips for building even more fun into your visit while you're here this summer...

Go on a LEGO® safari


Pick up your free trail card and follow the map to find all of these larger-than-life figures waiting for you out there amongst their living counterparts. They're not hard to spot - some of these giant models are twelve times the size of the real deal!

Find out more about the creation of these unique LEGO® models, as well as the real-life species they’re sitting alongside. Complete the questions and enter our prize draw to win an awesome LEGO® goody bag!

Available from Saturday 16 July until Sunday 4 September. The trail is included as part of the normal admission price (free for members).

Be wowed by fantastic feathers


Our wetlands are home to so many different, beautiful ducks. They are extra fascinating and flamboyant at this time of year, as the male ducks show off their bright breeding feathers - but don't overlook the equally gorgeous muted colours and camouflage of the females!

Taking the time to look closely, be in the moment, and marvel at our feathered friends will help make the most of your summer visit, and may even lift your mood, too!

If you find a feather as you wander through our wetlands, give it a close look. You’ll see how it’s made of thousands of individual strands. Not only do they look pretty special, but they also keep birds warm and waterproof, enable them to fly, and help them communicate with each other. Feathers are truly amazing!

If your visit leaves you feeling inspired by our real-life birds, why not get creative and sketch your own duck species at home, thinking about your favourite waterbirds from your visit. Here's a handy activity sheet to get you started!

Flamboyant flamingos


Feast your eyes on our fabulous flock of colourful Caribbean flamingos!

Watch as they interact with each other, flagging their heads and flapping their wings. Flamingos have very complicated social lives, with best friends and a strict hierarchy.

At this time of year, some of the flock members are tending to their fluffy grey chicks. During the first 20 days of their lives, a flamingo chick grows a staggering 5mm taller every day! The nourishing crop milk of their parents is to thank for this speedy development, and you'll notice the adults lose their bright pink colour as they care for their babies. We've seen a few human adults with grey hairs who can surely sympathise!

Go on a watery wetland safari!


Head out on one of our canoes and try to spot some real wetland wildlife as you paddle along.

Look out for majestic swan parents leading their growing cygnets, a flash of blue from a kingfisher, jewel-coloured dragonflies and damselflies, and if you're really lucky - maybe even a water vole!

Canoe hire is not included in admission and costs £9.95 per canoe. Children must be aged over 5 and all children must be accompanied by an adult. Terms and conditions apply, full info here.

Learn something new


We’re so excited to see the LEGO® Brick Wetland Safari join us for the summer, and we know how much the models are loved by our visitors, too!

As well as being a great day out, the event is a brilliant way to highlight some of the wetland species that the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust has worked hard to save, such as the iconic Hawaiian goose and incredible spoon-billed sandpiper.

The newest addition – Camille the Curlew – also helps tell a key conservation story about our role in the ongoing Eurasian curlew recovery project, which is working to reverse the decline of this enigmatic wading bird.

Our hope is that these wetland conservation messages will engage a young audience who will one day become adults that care deeply about wetlands and wildlife.

What will you learn during your visit? What amazing facts will you be telling your family or friends afterwards!?

Don't miss our WILD daily activities


From flamingo spotlight talks, moth traps, and family birdwatching, to pond dipping and minibeast hunts - our friendly learning team will be running daily activities throughout the summer. Check our What's On board when you arrive to find out what's happening when you visit. All of these exciting activities are included in admission, or free for members.

Join today!

Be inspired to build a better future for wetland wildlife

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After a day spent having fun amongst amazing wetland nature, try to continue the adventure at home!

We really hope you leave us feeling inspired to attract more wildlife to your garden or to care for the nature around you. It's been proven that showing compassion for the natural world makes us feel good and strengthens our connection to it.

There are so many ways you can help. Plant pollinator-friendly flowers (or let the lawn grow a little wild!), create a toad shelter or a bug hotel, you could even put up a bat box! If you don't have much free space, don't worry! You can help in other ways like using less plastic, volunteering with local groups, and choosing more eco-friendly products.

From visiting our wetland centre you’ll see that all wildlife benefits from the addition of water. If you're able to, why not build a small garden pond and feel the satisfaction of watching your wildlife thrive? It doesn’t have to be anything huge or expensive - a micro pond, bog garden or mini wetland can be made with things you already have and they are eco-friendly too!

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