Live a wild life and discover the incredible wetland wildlife here at Llanelli Wetland Centre. With a variety of enticing habitats there's always a star species to spot. Keep up with the latest sightings from the reserve to make the most of your visit.

Summer at Llanelli

An orchestra of warblers fill the fresh, clean air with birdsong; flowers start to bloom amongst the new vegetation; rare species of butterfly, dragonfly and moth may be seen dancing on the breeze. Look and listen for shy water voles swimming and feeding by the reed beds.

Nature reserve

Llanelli Wetland Centre is a 450 acre mosaic of lakes, scrapes, pools, streams and lagoons adjoining the salt marshes and shore of the scenic Burry Inlet.

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Latest sightings

Find out which species have made an appearance with our latest sightings, updated regularly by staff and volunteers.

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Wildlife guide

As the seasons change, so do the wild visitors. Find out what to see when with our Wildlife Guide.

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