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Winners of winter heat of photography competition

I am pleased to announce the winners of the winter heat of the WWT photography competition.  All these winning images will now go into a national competition, when winners will be annouced later in the year after the Spring and Summer heats.  To enter photographs, visit www.wwt.org.uk/photo

Winner of Wetland Wildlife: Kevin McNamara with a fantastic image of a Harrier flying over the reedbed

Winner of Wetland Landscape: Sheila Martin with a winter scene of the Mere

Winner of Junior category: Oscar Dewhurst with an image of a bird silhouetted against the sun.

Winner of People and Wildlife category: Andrew Stannard with a picture of a child watching the birds on the mere.

Winner of People’s Choice: Joanne Hindmarch with a picture of an African Crowned Crane.


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