Discover wetlands

Wetlands are wonderfully diverse places for wildlife, and essential for people. Learn more about the species that call them home, and how you can help protect this threatened habitat.


Teeming with biodiversity, wetlands are found all over the world from the mightiest delta to the humblest pond.


Explore wetlands

Wetlands have so much to offer us and there’s so much we can do to support them. Discover more about these fascinating places and the wildlife that call them home.

Fun and learning

Here at WWT we have a passion for engaging people with wetlands and their wildlife, and believe that experiencing nature first hand in the best way to learn.

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Gardening for wetlands

Ponds, streams and even your drainpipe can all be vital wetland habitats. They’re an easy and inexpensive way to bring benefits to communities and wildlife.

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Wetlands and wellbeing

We already know that spending time in nature makes us feel good. And there’s now a growing body of evidence that shows it does much more than that.

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Wetland friendly living

Not sure how you can make a difference? Our guide to wetland friendly living is full of little things you can do that help keep our wetlands healthy.

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