Wetlands and wellbeing

We already know that spending time in nature makes us feel good. And there’s now a growing body of evidence that shows it does much more than that.

What is it about water?

If you've ever visited a WWT reserve, or even your local river or pond, you'll know there's something special about water. Which is why we are busy researching the impact our “blue” spaces have on our health and wellbeing.

We’re using our wetland centres to evaluate the effects spending time in wetlands has on individual and societal health. Our research at WWT Slimbridge has shown for the first time that nature-based interventions in a wetland environment can contribute significantly to the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Evidence tells us that spending time in and around ‘blue spaces’ has higher benefits than green spaces. These include improving how you are feeling, reducing both negative thoughts and levels of stress.

How to make the most of nature’s healing powers

If you know where and how to look, nature can give us comfort in so many ways. We’ve got lots of tips and ideas on how wetlands and their wildlife can help us regain a sense of peace and calm and provide us with a place to recuperate and escape life’s daily stresses.

Spring and summer in wetlands: A wellbeing guide

Make the most of what wetlands have to offer with our seasonal guide, created in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation.

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Wetlands in winter: A guide

Discover wintry wetland wonders with our guide, created in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation.

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According to Natural England more people visit the natural environment for health or exercise every year than for any other reason.

Wetland stories

Whether it’s the crash of a wave, the lap of a tidal estuary of the gentle stillness of a shimmering lake, water has the power to inspire and calm us. Human beings have been connected to wetlands throughout the history of civilisation. But is our connection about more than survival? We think so…

Feel good by giving back

There are lots of ways you can take action today to help reverse the decline of wetlands.

However you decide to spend your time with us you’ll be helping wetland nature thrive.