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Immerse yourself in the sounds of the riverbank, crashing tides, wild marshes filled with birds and the underwater sounds of the humble pond.

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Series 2 > Episode 6: What lurks beneath - a Halloween special

Have you ever peered into the blackness of a pond at night and wondered what lurks beneath? Come with us and find out in this special, spooky, episode!

From creatures with unimaginably strange bodies that could be straight out of a sci-fi movie, to the bizarre upside-down swimming water boatmen - life in a pond can be brutal. It really is the world of eat, or be eaten.

Like lots of other habitats, as dark falls, ponds turn other-worldy, yet often we don’t get to experience them. In this episode we’ll show you that there’s lots for us to see, and hear, that we can only experience at nighttime.

Host Megan McCubbin peers into her own pond on a stormy wet night to see what she can see, from the pond creatures around on the surface to the bats overhead.

Hear the spooky and strange sounds underwater with ecologist and underwater sounds expert Jack Greenhalgh. Discover why nature is the source of many of good horror story, with author Lucy Christoper. And previous guests Ellie Jones from WWT and writer Henry Slator share their favourite spooky pond creatures.

You’ll never have a nocturnal nosy at pond in the same way again!

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Series 1 > Episode 1: Water on our doorstep

60% of us are predicted to be living in cities in 2050. But what happens when creatures once so wild become so far removed from nature? The answer is, it doesn’t have to be this way. In this episode we travel to London Wetland Centre to find out just how wild urban nature can be, and why it’s important that we fight back against urbanisation with pockets of mini wetlands connecting our cities into true watery metropolises.

Series 1 > Episode 2: Feeling blue

‘65% of people say spending time by water improves their wellbeing’. We know this intrinsically, but why does being by water make us feel better, and can we harness its power? We travel to some of our most tranquil wetlands to explore the topic further. We meet those whose lives have been changed for the better by these places, hear practical tips for improving your wellbeing from experts in nature prescribing, and the emerging science that reveals just how it works.

We also speak to a former city-dwelling fashion designer who created a wildlife pond from scratch, and what they learned.

Series 1 > Episode 3: The mermaid and the quest for cleaner water

To start this story, we meet a mermaid swimmer at Conham River Park in Bristol. She swam as a mermaid down the Avon to raise awareness of plastic pollution, but soon ran afoul – literally – of another issue when she suddenly fell very ill. We also discuss exactly why our waterways are in this mess, and how we might be able to fix it. We then head up to Gloucestershire to find a very special man-made wetland on the banks of the Severn, and explore how they can protect us from some of the truly horrifying nasties that make their way into our water.

Series 1 > Episode 4: Mangroves, marshes and the climate emergency

This episode takes us first to the wild coastline of Somerset and Steart Marshes, where the threatened land has been dramatically shaped by water in quite a marvellous way, thanks to some brave locals and pioneering landscape realignment. From the vast to the tiny, we then visit a wildlife pond with a sound recordist to discover a mini-underwater jungle and how these ‘insect chimneys’ can bring back all sorts of wildlife. We then take a trip to the mangroves of Madagascar to explore this little explored yet hard-working blue carbon store.

Series 1 > Episode 5: Fighting water with water

What would you do if the unthinkable happened and you suddenly found your home underwater? This is a situation experienced by a growing number of people, as storms tear across the UK, but some people turn this experience into an unexpectedly positive lesson. We look at why we need to be more beaver to help steward the water across our lands, and why flooding isn’t black and white – in fact, nature needs floods in unexpected ways, and we meet a flood historian to explore why we do too.

Series 1 > Episode 6: A watery future

You might be forgiven for thinking after visiting all these wonderful wetlands that our lands are still covered in water. Unfortunately, we’ve lost over 90% since Roman times. It’s hard to imagine what that might have been like, so take a time travel to a world when pelicans swooped from the skies, aurochs roamed carefree and wild pigs acted as ecosystem engineers to create wetlands themselves. We also discuss what can be done to rewild our wetlands, or even better, go one step further and actively restore them to what could once only be dreamed of.

About this podcast

This podcast takes you on a journey around our incredible wetlands here in the UK - and reveals their power to shape our future for the better.

In series 1, join nature expert and film maker Roxy Furman as she explores how wetlands have fed, inspired and transported us from countryside to city, source to sea.

And in series 2, conservationist and wildlife presenter Megan McCubbin discovers the intriguing world of our humble ponds. These biodiversity hot spots are often overlooked but may just be the key to some of life’s greatest questions.

Close up of river flowing into a mini waterfall in glorious sunshine

Dive beneath the surface of our wetlands through personal stories and conversations with experts to reveal an underwater jungle, the restorative powers of water, tonnes of carbon hidden underground, the things you never knew were lurking in your freshwater and why we need to think like beavers to solve our flood problem.

Beaver submerged in water, chewing on branches

Our wetlands bring us together across species and continents. They’re the source of life as we know it. Yet wetlands only cover about 6% of our planet, and they’re disappearing fast, despite the fact that people and 40% of all wildlife are reliant on them.

This is a podcast all about the wonderful, sometimes surprising and often underappreciated watery places around us, and how they can help us with some of the biggest issues facing life on this planet.

You’ll never look at a marsh or pond the same way again.

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