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Find out more about your favourite wetland animals, discover the innovative ways we are working to protect vital wetland habitats and stay up to date with all the exciting events going on at our centres.

Each issue includes

  • Conservation, campaign and fundraising updates
  • In-depth features on wetland wildlife and wetlands creation, restoration and protection
  • ID spotter guides, wildlife photography, and nature writing
  • Educational tips to inspire the next generation of nature lovers
  • Things to see and do across our wetland centres

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Our magazine is printed on FSC accredited paper from responsible sources and can be recycled. It is also delivered in a potato-starch compostable wrap.

Advertising: currently advertising is necessary to help cover the cost of producing the magazine, so more money can go towards our conservation work. We take care to continually review the advertisements Waterlife carries, and have recently decided to stop advertising travel agencies which involve air travel in line with our wider organisational values to promote sustainable travel as much as possible.

Summer issue: July - October 2023

This issue is brought to life by the wonderful Quentin Blake illustrations and an inspiring guest feature ‘Bewitched by wetlands’ by author Tom Blass.

Read about important wetland conservation issues from making a stand to clean up our waterways, how we are building in climate adaptation to our future planning across sites worldwide, and a strong rallying call featuring ways we can take simple effective action for wildlife by each creating a mini-wetland.

Explore what is going on across our sites with Get Closer to nature, get clued up on your pond wildlife ID, and read an array of recent news showing all the progress we are making thanks to all your efforts.