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Advertising: currently advertising is necessary to help cover the cost of producing the magazine, so more money can go towards our conservation work. We take care to continually review the advertisements Waterlife carries, and have recently decided to stop advertising travel agencies which involve air travel in line with our wider organisational values to promote sustainable travel as much as possible.

In this spring issue

Fortunately, many city planners are starting to appreciate the value of green and blue space for our health and wellbeing. Visible water (or blue space) – such as rivers, ponds, lakes, ports, canals and fountains – is crucial in achieving sustainable urban development. A city is like a living human organism: it cannot thrive without water. Some of the greatest cities of the past have fallen due to their inability to manage water. Find out more about how we can make our cities blue on page 28.

We know our members appreciate the restorative effects of visiting our reserves, and our annual photo competition is a great opportunity to see our wetlands through your lenses. Thank you to everyone who entered – viewing your images lifted our spirits immeasurably during lockdown. The cream of the crop are showcased on page 36, and you can find out what inspires our inaugural young winner, Keira Jo Callaway, on page 66.

Spring issue: Mar - May 2021