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In our spring issue

While climate change has captured public attention and risen up political and corporate agendas, biodiversity has lagged behind. Fortunately, that’s changing with the growing realisation that our fate is inextricably linked to that of the rest of nature. At the end of this year, a big global conference is due to take place – the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. Its goal: the production of a new plan to save life on Earth (or Global Biodiversity Framework). Now is the perfect time to show how wetlands – and all their amazing wildlife – can play a major role in solving some of the biggest challenges of our time on a global scale (page 22).

Also, we celebrate the jaw-dropping winners of our photography competition (page 34), introduce an exciting new section that will help you to distinguish between similar wetland species (page 20), and discover the technology that allows our scientists to monitor freshwater wildlife through the traces it leaves behind (page 30).

Spring issue: Mar - Jun 2022