Explore how wetland plants thrive and why they are so important to life on earth

Home learning session plan

Home learning session plans and accompanying resources, written with parents in mind, containing indoor and outdoor activities for children.

Download session for 5-7 years (PDF)

Download session for 7-11 years (PDF)

Make an ‘eggy cress animal’

A ‘make-it’ activity sheet with accompanying step-by-step video showing you how to make an ‘eggy cress animal’; a great introduction to growing plants from seed.

Download activity sheet (PDF)


A fun way to discover just how much you’ve learned this week (answers to follow next week).

Download quiz for 5-7 years (PDF)

Download quiz ANSWERS for 5-7 years (PDF)

Download quiz for 7-11 years (PDF)

Download quiz ANSWERS for 7-11 years (PDF)