Here are the results of our annual 2020 Waterlife photo competition, where you can see the full shortlist of the best of our entries.

Every year we run our Waterlife photo competition for members and this year, despite the challenge of not being able to visit our centres and get that perfect shot, has been particularly impressive – expressing originality and ingenuity through unique styles and approach to composition.

This year we also introduced our Young Person’s category, which has been a huge success and we look forward to seeing more budding talent from passionate young photographers in the future.

Please enjoy WWT's version of Wildlife Photographer of the Year with this virtual gallery.

WINNER: Heron and eel, Denis O'Keeffe
Cuckoo and reed warbler, Maggie Bullock
Asian short-clawed otters, Steve Liptrot
Greylag geese, Peter Wyles
Mallard, Tracey Graves
Harvest mouse, Adrian Dixon
Common frog, Lindsey Munro
Blackbird, George Davies
Goldeneye, Dave Stening
Lapwing, Chris Williams
Four-spotted chaser dragonfly, Janice Clark
Kingfisher, Haydn Morgan
Great spotted woodpecker, Lianne Mlynek
Caribbean flamingo, Andy Smith
Migrant hawker, Robert Rowley
Mute swans, Dave Stening

Young person's category

WINNER: Coots, Keira Jo Callaway
Mr and Mrs Mallard, Dylan Jenkins
Hunting heron, Jenny Allen
Nene and friend, Clare Ellis